Conf-IRM 2018 - Ningbo, China, 4-6 June 2018

University of Nottingham Ningbo China

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Conference Tours

The booths of the local tour agents will be set up at the conference venue. Conference delegates can visit the booths and book for a local tour during the conference.

Options available include:  

  • Full day tour packages / half day tour package
  • Tourist attractions in Ningbo
  • Any day from 4th to 7th June 2018
  • Arrangements based on personal budgets


About Ningbo

Ningbo is one of eastern China's most important port cities and a famous cultural and historical site. It's also a popular destination for tourists, both from China and overseas. The surrounding area is known for its spectacular scenery and mountains, forests, beaches, lakes, and waterfalls are all within easy reach of the city.


How to Get to Ningbo? 


Many people fly to Ningbo-Lishe International Airport (NGB). Several major airlines offer flights from the US and Europe with ongoing connections to Ningbo from larger Chinese cities like Guangzhou and Beijing. The airport is eight miles southwest of the city center, and there is a regular shuttle bus service from the arrivals terminal to South Ningbo Railway station for ¥10. Taxis are also available and cost ¥50.


Ningbo can be reached by train from most large cities and it's a relatively inexpensive option. A first-class return from Shanghai costs ¥210 and from Hangzhou, a first-class return is ¥120.


At 22 miles, the Hangzhou Bay Bridge is the world's longest spanning sea bridge and it has cut the distance between Shanghai and Ningbo dramatically for drivers. Eastern China has good highways and you can drive all the way from Guangzhou in the south via the E60 toll road in about 14 hours.


Buses from Shanghai and Hangzhou terminate at South Bus Station. Other stations are North, West, East, and Zhongba. South Bus Station is in the Haishu district close to the rail station and just a short distance from the city center. Fares are reasonable and a return trip to Hangzhou is just ¥100.

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How to Get Around Ningbo

Public Transportation

Local buses are cheap but stops are not displayed or announced in English. It's ¥2 for one bus journey. The best routes for tourists are: 238 for Liang-Zhu Cultural Park, Tianyi Pavilion, Moon Lake, and Fan's Residence; 371 for Ningbo University and Tianyi Pavilion; and 560 for South Station and Tianfeng Pagoda. Ningbo currently has two subway lines; Line 2 goes to the airport via Ningbo Railway Station and Drum Tower.


Taxis are widely available but most drivers don't speak English. Ask your hotel receptionist to write down your destination and the cross streets beforehand. It costs ¥10 for the first two miles and a ¥1 fuel tax charge is added to the final fare.


Car is the easiest way to get around Ningbo. Roads are good and drivers are courteous. However, you'll need a local friend to drive as cars can only be rented to holders of a license issued by the People's Republic of China. Other licenses are not accepted, even if you have an international driving permit.

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